House flipping calculator

Ever found yourself pondering over questions like ‘What’s the price tag on flipping a house?’ or ‘How much capital do I need to initiate a house flipping venture?’

Our user-friendly house flipping profit calculator, available below at no cost, empowers you to assess the cost structure for your upcoming fix and flip endeavor. Don’t embark on your next project blindfolded—equip yourself with the knowledge to make informed decisions and drive success.

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The final amount at which the renovated property is sold. It determines the investor’s potential profit or loss after accounting for all expenses.

Expenses incurred for renovating and repairing a property to enhance its condition and value before resale. It includes materials, labor, and other associated costs.

Encompass expenses like mortgage payments, utilities, insurance, and taxes incurred while the property is being renovated and until it’s sold.

Expenses like the property’s real estate agent commissions, closing costs, and any additional fees associated with acquiring the property.

Any additional fees associated with acquiring the property.

The amount of money paid to acquire a property initially

6% from the sale price

Expenses such as real estate agent commissions, closing costs, and any other fees associated with selling the renovated property.

holding costs + purchase costs + additional expenses + purchase price

All expenses incurred throughout the entire process, including purchase costs, renovation expenses, holding costs, and any other associated fees until the property is sold.

sale price – sale costs + total costs

The anticipated financial gain an investor aims to achieve after deducting all costs, including purchase, renovation, holding, and selling expenses, from the projected sales price of the renovated property.

expected profit / total costs

The ratio of the expected profit to the total investment, expressed as a percentage. It indicates the potential return on investment and helps assess the profitability of the project.

House flipping calculator
House flipping calculator